4000260 Society & Cooperation


Lehrende: Prof. Dr. habil. Josef Wieland

Veranstaltungsart: Seminar

Orga-Einheit: Graduate School | ZUGS

Anzeige im Stundenplan: Society

Credits: 4,0

Standort: Campus der Zeppelin Universität

Unterrichtssprache: Englisch

Min. | Max. Teilnehmerzahl: 5 | 15

The seminar addresses WZGE- Doctoral candidates and ZU candidates interested.
The course introduces students to the Theory of Governance Ethics, its theoretical foundations and implications for business practice. Firstly, the Theory of Governance Ethics shows how the moral factor can be integrated into economic theory without pursuing an economization of morals or a moralization of economics. Firms in this context will be understood as organizations which solve society’s fundamental economic problem, which is the scarcity of resources. Secondly, the course focuses on the emergence of globally accepted norms for good corporate governance wherein firms are not only standard takers but also standard setters. With reference to the current societal demand for the creation of shared value through business organizations the terms CSR, intersectoral governance and leadership excellence become relevant. New management functions for managing the societal requirement for corporate social responsibility, integrity and compliance will be discussed.

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1 Di, 22. Nov. 2016 10:00 17:00 Z | NICHT BUCHEN | Fab 3 | 2.01 Prof. Dr. habil. Josef Wieland
2 Mi, 23. Nov. 2016 10:00 17:00 Z | NICHT BUCHEN | Fab 3 | 2.08 Prof. Dr. habil. Josef Wieland
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Prof. Dr. habil. Josef Wieland